The technology division conceptualises, designs, implements and manages leading cost-effective solutions, which have consistently surpassed industry benchmarks. We provide diverse and comprehensive services to meet our clients' technology and communication needs.

We have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure and are thus strategically positioned to capitalise on current and future developments in the technology arena and to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit of best-of-breed applications and our diverse services.


SmartSurv Wireless

SmartSurv Wireless creates and manages leading, cost-effective wireless solutions which use cellular network infrastructure. The company's principal focus is on vehicle surveillance and tracking devices, but we also have the capacity to develop customised products in any asset class. SmartSurv's professional support centre ensures that all assets are constantly tracked and that the necessary recovery mechanisms are released when assets are tampered with or go missing.

Fleet management

We provide customised fleet management solutions, under the FleetMaster brand, which range from devices which use the technology of GPS for exact positioning and GSM for communication to the high-end sophistication of the SWIFT 5 platform. This platforms allow clients to access, track, monitor and analyse their fleets' position and performance anytime and from anywhere using a variety of wireless and smart hand-held devices.

Stolen vehicle recovery

Our stolen vehicle recovery product, TrackMaster, is a wireless device that is compact, robust and at the heart of a state-of-the-art vehicle recovery and tracking system. Employing RF (Radio Frequency) technology and the GSM communications network, this technology enables us to track vehicles throughout South Africa's landscape. It is backed by the SmartSurv Wireless enhanced telematics platform and is fully approved by the Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA).

Personal tracking

PeopleMaster is a discreet, robust and intelligent device offering significant enhancements in providing personal security and in giving you the ability to monitor the whereabouts of your staff or your loved ones. This tracking device is entirely self-contained and requires no external connections or antennas. Its built-in power supply ensures years of operation and on-going communication capability. Simply place the device in a pocket, hang it around the neck or strap it to the arm and begin monitoring.

Driver monitoring

Driver behaviour is one of the key management areas for a company. Drivers who have erratic driving patterns are a challenge, especially if the company does not know whether this driving was due to a positive corrective action or a negative abusive circumstance. With Videomaster, these behaviours are isolated and identified through triggering in-cabin camera(s) which capture the situation as it is happening. Videomaster relays essential digital data to the fleet owner to provide real time feedback of events inside and outside the vehicle.

Fuel management

FuelPro combines the latest fuel probe technology into the Smartsurv XpressMaster fleet management platform, bringing you accurate fuel usage information in real time.

Fuel levels are constantly monitored and a pre-defined drop in fuel level can translate into an alert which can instantly be relayed to a designated email or SMS address so that the fleet owner is able take action or investigate immediately.



SmartSurv Wireless