As might be expected from an enterprise that has a century of business experience, House of Louis® has extensive expertise in financial markets. It leverages its acumen and expertise in Financial Markets to serve as stepping stones for its other enterprises.

Money Associations

Money Associations Limited is an English company established as a peer-to-peer agency (“P2PA”) with a small property portfolio on its balance sheet. Peer-to-peer lending is the practice of lending money to unrelated individuals, or “peers”, without going through a traditional financial intermediary such as a bank or other traditional financial institution. This lending takes place online on P2P lending companies’ websites using various different lending platforms and credit checking tools.

The secondary business of MAE will be to invest in prime real estate in England to strengthen the balance sheet.

A reputable software developer and project management team have been tasked with completing the interactive website for Money Associations launch in February 2014.

Banc Roche

Banc Roche is a Singaporean private equity firm which provides financial solutions to high net worth individuals from its extensive Asian private equity network.

Foreign exchange, financial engineering, actuarial services and merchant solutions are the particular areas of expertise.

Providing bridging facilities for large government service contracts are an increasing new speciality for the Banc Roche team.

CFD Markets

CFD Markets specializes only in contract for differences (CFD’s). These are financial derivatives that allow CFD Markets to take advantage of prices moving up (long positions) or prices moving down (short positions) on underlying financial instruments, with high associated leverage.

House of Louis® has taken a CFD position with its high net worth clients in the global CFD industry, with the US and UK market being a particular area of expertise. A small CFD in-house team is retained to daily monitor global market shifts.


HLCM (the acronym for ‘House of Louis® Capital Markets’) complements the services of CFD Markets but focuses its attention only on investing in global listed companies.

House of Louis® invests together with its high net worth clients in the global financial markets, with a medium risk strategy. South Africa, Asia, US and the UK markets are the key areas of invetsment.